Confluence+JIRA @ Hetzner Wizard

Maintenance Warning

This service is off for maintenance. Sorry for inconvenience

This wizard will help you setup Atlassian Confluence and JIRA as self-hosted applications – in Hetzner Cloud. You will need a Hetzner account to create a Docker server hosting your Confluence/JIRA. You will also need a DNS provider account (such as Cloudflare) to register a domain name for your Confluence/JIRA. Please take a look at a short video instruction for details.

The wizard will ask you for Hetzner API token to create a Docker server. To create a token please login into Hetzner Cloud console and select your project. Then click Access (the key icon on the left-side toolbar) → API TOKENSGENERATE API TOKEN. The token is used only to create a Docker host and you may delete it once your Confluence and JIRA are up and running.

The wizard will then deploy four Docker containers:

  • Nginx web server
  • PostgreSQL database server
  • Confluence server
  • JIRA server

For details please refer to the project source code at Github.

When Nginx server runs for the first time it generates a certbot SSL-certificate for your domain, so you must provide a domain name and email. Your applications will be accessible at the following addresses:

  • https://<domain name>/wiki for Confluence
  • https://<domain name>/jira for JIRA

Total time to complete the wizard is about 10 minutes. This time includes creating a Docker server, deploying containers, creating databases for Confluence/JIRA and starting the applications. To start please copy-paste your Hetzner API token into the field below and click Continue....